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    Need Great Mobile Audiences

    See how Skydeo's Mobile Audience Platform can increase your campaign performance by 2x

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  • Interest Based Targeting

    Target users based on their
    mobile interests and apps

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  • Place Based Audiences

    Target Mobile Audiences based on
    places, events and locations visited

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  • Mobile UserAppend

    Learn More About Your Mobile Users

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Welcome to Skydeo

Skydeo is a leading provider of mobile audiences for mobile marketing, data science, interest-based ad serving and business intelligence.

Skydeo turns billions of raw data device attributes into high value audiences for programmatic advertisers to target accurately.

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Skydeo by the Numbers

Skydeo turns anonymous, raw device data into high value mobile audiences

Million Mobile Devices
Million Audience Targets
Mobile Audiences

Data Monetization

Skydeo helps app developers increase revenue through data monetization. Contact us if you'd like to discover if your users qualify for Skydeo's data monetization program.