Smart Home Audience – Skydeo AppGraph

$5,000.00 $980.00

Skydeo is now making its highest performing AppGraph audience of 2018 available for under $1000 for a limited time.*

The Smart Home Audience includes over 50,000 people who have purchased wifi speakers, movie theatre controls, robotic appliances, home irrigation and lighting control systems that have are controlled by mobile apps.



Skydeo’s Smart Home Audience:

  • High Affinity to banking and investing products from TD Ameritrade, Binance, Coinbase & Schwab
  • Shop with Consumer Reports, Amazon Prime, Wegmans, Zappos, and Best Buy
  • High Income – 200x more likely to earn over $225,000
  • High Home Value:  6x more likely to own a home over $1 million

Smart Home Audience Details:

  • Limited License for targeting Users of Smart Home products and their corresponding apps
  • Unlimited Targeting on Facebook, Instagram or Google for 30 Days (excludes advertising costs)
  • Skydeo will share the Smart Home Custom Audience to your ad account