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Search the Skydeo Mobile Data Cloud, covering hundreds of millions of business records to discover insights about companies of interest to you. Or, search our industry directory to view highlights from our industry reports to gain visibility into growing markets and understand trends and forecasts. Use industry insights to target companies based on size, location, competitors and more. Our industry analysis tools help sales teams research prospects’ business challenges, call preparation questions, industry forecasts, and more.

If you want to go deeper, you can access the Data Cloud in multiple ways: through our solutions, such as Skydeo B2B for sales acceleration.
With Skydeo B2B, you can uncover targeted leads and new sales opportunities, and easily perform public and private company research to speed your selling process.

Popular Companies

Alibaba (China) Technology Co., Ltd.
$869.28M | China
Alphabet Inc.
$161,857.00M | United States, Inc.
$280,522.00M | United States
Apple Inc.
$274,515.00M | United States
$278,397.00M | United Kingdom
Bechtel Group, Inc.
$13,627.19M | United States
Benefytt Technologies, Inc.
$381.81M | United States
Berkshire Hathaway Inc.
$254,616.00M | United States
China National Petroleum Corporation
$394,554.53M | China
Daimler AG
$191,123.00M | Germany
$159,048.81M | Netherlands
Exxon Mobil Corporation
$264,938.00M | United States
$74,516.66M | Russian Federation
General Motors Company
$137,237.00M | United States
$98,673.00M | United Kingdom
Koch Industries, Inc.
$39,198.55M | United States
Nestlé S.A.
$93,588.33M | Switzerland
Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd.
$58,800.35M | China
Publix Super Markets, Inc.
$38,462.75M | United States
$344,877.00M | United Kingdom
Roche Holding AG
$64,247.56M | Switzerland
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
$196,762.35M | Republic Of Korea
State Grid Corporation of China
$87,481.71M | China
$270,656.92M | Japan
Unitedhealth Group Incorporated
$242,155.00M | United States
$279,509.01M | Germany
Walmart Inc.
$523,964.00M | United States

Industry Directory

  1. Agriculture & Forestry Sector
  2. Arts, Entertainment & Recreation Sector
  3. Business Services Sector
  4. Consumer Services
  5. Education Sector
  6. Electric Utilities
  7. Finance & Insurance Sector
  8. Government
  9. Health Care Sector
  10. Heavy & Civil Engineering Construction
  11. Lodging
  12. Management of Companies & Enterprises
  13. Manufacturing Sector
  14. Media
  15. Membership Organizations
  16. Mining
  17. Natural Gas Distribution & Marketing
  18. Nonprofit Institutions
  19. Nonresidential Building Construction
  20. Oil & Gas Exploration & Production
  21. Oil & Gas Field Services
  22. Oil & Gas Well Drilling
  23. Private Households
  24. Professional Services Sector
  25. Real Estate
  26. Religious Organizations
  27. Rental & Leasing
  28. Residential Construction Contractors
  29. Restaurants, Bars & Food Services
  30. Retail Sector
  31. Specialty Contractors
  32. Transportation Services Sector
  33. Water & Sewer Utilities
  34. Wholesale Sector

Princeton Data

Skydeo acquires Princeton Data Solutions.   Contact Us

Princeton Data Solutions provides a breadth of solutions which encompass the entire spectrum of Data Management. This includes Business Requirements Analysis, Data Management and Data Architecture, Data Governance, Master Data Management, Data Quality, Physical and Logical Data Modeling, Data warehouse Design and implementation of data integration solutions, Business Intelligence related Solutions and Services. Our strengths revolve around the Design, Development and Delivery of end-to-end Data Solutions. We are proficient in the areas of Analyzing Business Needs, Translation of these Needs into Cost Effective, High Performance Data design and implementation of Analytical/Reporting Solutions with a focus on Quality and Reliability.

Princeton Data Solutions provides its clients with “Expertise” and “Understanding”, hence every interaction with our clients evolves into a long term, strategic partnership that clients can depend on for the full range of support they require.

We believe that excellence comes through the identification, selection and deployment of the right solution coupled with technical skills and the ability to perform. Our philosophy is clearly reflected in our corporate mission “To Excel at Providing Effective Solutions for the Information Needs of Corporations using Products, Ideas, People, and Technology through Teamwork”.

Princeton Data Solutions provides you with highly skilled and trained technical consultants for specific assignments. You get the right skills for the required time frame under your direct supervision.

Princeton Data Solutions is a consulting and IT services firm with a global outlook towards quality leadership and innovative solutions to maintain a comfortable technological lead in reaching client needs.

We offer an Entire range of Solutions in the Information space – Consulting, Design, Development and Implementation of solutions:
Enterprise Data Management and Architecture
Data Governance
Master Data Management
Data Quality

Data / Dimensional Modeling
Data Warehouses and Data Marts
Operational Data Stores
Corporate Business Intelligence

Princeton Data Solutions is a proven business driven Information Technology Services organization focused on addressing clients’ needs through the alignment of people, process and technology.

Princeton Data Solutions was established in 1998 based out of NJ with a multi-skilled network of professionals. We have the knowledge and expertise to deliver high quality Data Management solutions to our clients. Our clients include Fortune 500 organizations.

Our strength revolves around the integration of key members of our organization with our business partners working as one to understand business opportunities and pain-points with a focus on addressing them through the review of workflow procedures, technology deployment, and human resource opportunities.

More organizations today than ever before have a need for real time data that calls for efficient design, management, storage and retrieval of key corporate information. Increasing numbers of data systems and data applications require corporate information that is integrated realtime from disparate sources internal and external to the organization. Systems that provide such information – DataWarehouses, DataMarts, Operational DataStores – feed applications such as corporate performance dashboards, real time analytics, business activity monitoring and have become critical to organizations. Realtime Information Integration across the enterprise provides data required by these key systems.

At Princeton Data Solutions. our approach is designed to provide clients with a Streamlined, Integrated, Real-time, Cost Effective and Quality solution to meet various Business Needs.

Our Core Competencies include:
Enterprise Information Management
Corporate Business Intelligence
Datawarehouse Solutions

Custom Segments

Welcome to by Skydeo!


Skydeo Custom Segments let you isolate and analyze specific attributes of standard segments or other Skydeo data sets by refining your target segments using Boolean logic, machine learning or AI.

For example, if you find that users from a particular geographic region are no longer purchasing a line of products in the same volume as they normally have, you can see whether a competing business is offering the same types of products at lower prices. If that turned out to be the case, you could respond by offering a loyalty discount to those users that undercuts your competitor’s prices.

You can also use segments as the basis for audiences. For example, you might create a segment of users who visit your menswear pages, and then target just those users (your audience) with a remarketing campaign that is focused on the new items that you are adding to those pages. Learn more

Segment types
A segment is made up of one or more non-destructive filters (filters that do not alter the underlying data). Those filters isolate subsets of users, sessions, and hits:

Subsets of users: for example, users who have previously purchased; users who added items to their shopping carts, but didn’t complete a purchase
Subsets of sessions: for example, all sessions originating from Campaign A; all sessions during which a purchase occurred
Subsets of hits: for example, all hits in which revenue was greater than $10
You can include filters for users, sessions, and hits in the same segment.

The Analytics user model illustrates how segments map to the Analytics data hierarchy:

Users: People interact with your property (e.g., your website or app)
Sessions: Interactions by a single user are grouped into sessions.
Hits: Interactions during a session are referred to as hits. Hits include interactions like pageviews, events, and transactions.
A single user can have multiple sessions, and each session can have multiple hits, as illustrated below:

Using segments
When you apply a segment and navigate through your reports, the segment remains active until you remove it. You can apply up to four segments at a time, and compare the separate data side by side in your reports.

In addition to analyzing data with segments, you can use them to build audiences.

Analytics includes predefined segments (System Segments) that you can use as provided, or that you can copy and edit to create new custom segments. You can also build your own segments from scratch. In addition, you can import segments from the Analytics Solutions Gallery, a free marketplace where Analytics users share segments and other solutions they’ve developed.