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Target Experian > Social Media > Timeshare Vacation Rental on programmatic platforms like StackAdapt, The Trade Desk, Google, Yahoo, Connected TV (CTV) Platforms like Tubi, Roku, Hulu or paid social platforms like TikTok, Facebook or Instagram.  This segment is Social media-based model reporting a consumer’s individual propensity to be use timeshares or similar vacation rental properties based on using terms such as “airbnb” and “#timeshare” on social media and is based on: Predictive model based on the statistical analysis of social media data sources..   Reach will depend on the match rates of each platform but the average reach is 98,500,000 consumer devices. (Android 98,000,000, Apple 99,000,000)

You can find similar segments on Skydeo.com searching Social Media or Social Media , Timeshare Vacation Rental.  If you’re looking for more scale you can create a custom audience by combining similar segments across Timeshare Vacation Rental in order to deterministically target

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