Time Share Owners Looking To Exit

Skydeo Data Marketing Platform
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Many time share owners looking to exit their timeshare contracts aren’t sure what to do.   There are several firms who want to assist time share owners to rescind or get out of their timeshare contracts.  Skydeo ConsumerGraph contains over 2.1 million timeshare owners but finding the people who were looking to get out of their agreements required custom segment creation.   Skydeo filtered timeshare owners by Google search intent and publisher page view behavtime share owner marketingior to find over 50,000 consumers looking to exit their time share agreements over the previous 90 days.

How to Find & Advertise to Time Share Owners

There are millions of time share owners who own units at Club Wyndham, Marriott, Holiday Inn Club Vacations, Margaritaville Vacation Club by Wyndham, RCI, Shell Vacations Club, Westgate Resorts Vacation Ownership, or WorldMark by Wyndham.  Whether you are looking to advertise new units to existing time share owners or help them exit their timeshare agreements, Skydeo can help you acquire new customers through precise data targeting.  Save money and improve your return on marketing by only targeting time share owners.
A Facebook Custom Audience made from a customer list is a type of audience you can create to help build your reach.  Skydeo uses mobile advertising IDs (IDFA or AAID or just MAIDs) to create anonymized customers lists to provide to Facebook.   Skydeo combines a variety of deterministic, mobile device attributes with offline data sets to create high value audiences.  Prior to use, Facebook hashes this information and matches to Facebook profiles so that you can advertise to your customers (or your competitors customers)  on Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network.  Skydeo’s data marketing platform specializes in Facebook Custom Audiences as well as programmatic targeting in popular demand side platforms like The Trade Desk, MediaMath, Xandr, Unity, Vungle, Chartboost and integrations via Adobe Marketing Cloud, Nuestar, LiveRamp and Oracle.

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