V12 > AUTOMOTIVE > MODEL > Acura – Integra

Skydeo Data Marketing Platform
Target this Segment

Target V12 > AUTOMOTIVE > MODEL > Acura – Integra and 15,000 other segments on Facebook, TikTok, Trade Desk, Yahoo or Google.  V12 makes this segment available for digital targeting.

What’s included in this audience?

People who own this Acura model

How many people will this audience reach?  Reach varies by platform but you can expect to potentially reach at least 180,000 IOS users and 190,000 Android users.  The CPM price for this segment is $0.75 or typically a % of media spend on the social platforms.

What’s the best way to reach my target audience?  Skydeo offers a free consultation to learn more about your campaign and will recommended the right audiences for you.  Feel free to contact us to learn more.

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