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Skydeo & Epsilon have partnered to enable you to target Hard-working adults with children, that have owned relatively inexpensive homes for a short time. While many of these people are high school educated blue collar or clerical workers, some are small business owners & some work at home. Avg HHI: $27,699, Avg Age of HH Head: 43, Avg Length of Residence: 5 years, Percent with Kids: 2% on the Skydeo Data Marketing Platform. Inferred from a proprietary Epsilon segmentation system that creates groups of US households according to their demographic, financial, and transactional profiles..

The count for this segment is currently 17,586,233 but actual counts of mobile advertising IDs will vary depending on the activation platform.   The standard CPM price per media impressions is $1.25.  Skydeo is happy to push this segment to your account on the following platforms: Facebook, Trade Desk, Google, MediaMath, Xandr or additional platforms upon request.  You can also combine this segment with other data sets to improve performance.

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