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Salesforce Data Studio - Krux Link

A recent AdExchanger article announced Salesforce Data Studio, a new data sharing platform that evolved from Krux Link.  The goal is to give advertisers more validated data while protecting publishers from data leakage during the exchange.  How Salesforce plans to protect mobile advertising IDs was not disclosed.

And, since the data sharing platform isn’t priced on an impression-based CPM model, the company claims there’s less incentive to push volume at the expense of quality.

“We do not sell media or monetize data, so we don’t have incentives to push any media platform with data attached to it or the value of our own data,” said Jonathan Suarez-Davis, chief strategy officer for the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. “We’re providing a platform for the publisher and marketer to share their data in a trusted, secure environment.”  Data markets have become a big thing in recent years. BlueKai – now Oracle DMP – had a big data mart where marketers could buy practically any data set, though it didn’t have a reputation for being highly curated. 

Skydeo enables advertisers to license data on subscription basis or CPM based model.  Skydeo's data monetization enables app developers and publishers a secure, anonymous way to monetize user data based on the Skydeo AppGraph and Location Audiences.   Skydeo is not a data marketplace and does not sell media.  For more information about the Skydeo Audience Maker (SAM) contact us.


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