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How to Beat the Competition With Your Marketing Campaign

How to Beat the Competition With Your Marketing Campaign - Skydeo ShoppingGraph

If you're a challenger Direct To Consumer (DTC) company looking to steal market share, Skydeo ShoppingGraph can help.

Competition for Direct To Consumer (DTC) brands has become increasingly fierce, making it both difficult and costly to acquire customers. Thankfully Skydeo ShoppingGraph is here with the perfect solution to help DTC companies secure a competitive edge – allowing them an unprecedented level of control over their marketing campaigns by unlocking valuable insights from customer purchase data that was previously hard-to-reach within Facebook’s ‘black box’ algorithms. Now take your brand's success into your own hands!

It's no secret that direct consumer brands have flourished during the rise of social platforms. The issue is they're becoming more and more competitive and it's harder for them to attribute their campaigns and success. It's getting increasingly more difficult for direct to consumer brands to acquire customers, and even more importantly, it's becoming more expensive to do so.

In the early days of Facebook and Instagram ads, direct to consumer brands relied on algorithms to find them their next customer. They didn’t have a lot of experience exploring what these algorithms did exactly because it was a black box–  Facebook just pushed their ads to millions of people and they found conversions. And now, direct consumer brands do cost per acquisition deals that are becoming more expensive, or even just impossible to find and scale.

Skydeo ShoppingGraph lets advertisers, especially direct to consumer brands, target their consumers based on their actual purchase history in grocery stores or online. This lets you find the people that are most interested in your product more cost-effectively with better results. 

If you're a DTC company looking to learn more about ShoppingGraph, check out or watch a quick walkthrough of how ShoppingGraph works here

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