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Customer Acquisition

Skydeo’s approach to customer acquisition is simple.  Know your next customers and then make sure they know you.

Skydeo Audiences

Deterministic audience segments driven by mobile data, deep learning and performance optimization will increase your digital and TV campaign returns.

Brand Insights & Planning

Skydeo’s Brand Intelligence Platform  provides any company with an app, place or product custom brand insights for superior strategy and planning.

Data Monetization

Got data?  Skydeo’s unique blend of sales, marketing and data engineering lets us work with Fortune 100 data companies to sole app developers in faraway places.  Combine your data with Skydeo’s to drive new revenue and profits.

Identity Resolution

Skydeo IDGraph enables marketers to deterministically reach their customers and prospects  via mobile targeting without the need for any PII.  CRM file to Mobile ID (MAID) in minutes.

Data Science Services

Skydeo’s data engineering, data science and  deep learning services available outside of our data monetization programs.

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