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Location Data company PlaceIQ acquires Freckle IoT assets

"Foot traffic may be way down during the pandemic, but consolidation in the location data space is heating up" - Allison Schiff, AdExchanger

NEW YORKApril 7, 2020PlaceIQ Inc., the leading data and technology provider that powers critical business and marketing decisions with location data, analytics, and insights, today announced it has acquired the measurement and location products from Freckle Inc. This strategic acquisition will further accelerate PlaceIQ’s growth as the leader in location intelligence.

The addition of Freckle’s location and measurement products will broaden PlaceIQ’s ability to support multi-channel brands and agencies by bringing further scale to audiences and measurement in key media channels.  Additionally, the acquisition will add strong search and social capabilities and will allow PlaceIQ to expand its service footprint to new customer verticals and territories including Canada and Latin America, markets served by Freckle.

PlaceIQ CEO Duncan McCall

PlaceIQ CEO Duncan McCall

“PlaceIQ has been the pioneer in helping this industry evolve from its inception to the present time when enterprises finally understand the transformative value of harnessing location data to create superior customer insights,” said Duncan McCall, CEO and co-founder of PlaceIQ. “Our team has grown PlaceIQ into an enterprise that could integrate an equally innovative young company into our own--with the goal of meeting the significant demand for location-based insights. This is an exciting and proud milestone."


The sale of Freckle’s measurement and location products to PlaceIQ will allow Freckle, which will be rebranded as Killi, to devote its exclusive focus to the expansion of its consent management product, Killi.

Freckle CEO Neil Sweeney

“The location data space holds an incredible spectrum of opportunity right now,” said Neil Sweeney, CEO of Killi. “Having the Freckle measurement and location products transition to a market leader such as PlaceIQ is evidence of the growth and maturation of the ecosystem. We could think of no better outcome than transitioning the Freckle business to PlaceIQ to unlock its full potential.

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