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25 Most Popular Audience Segments: May Edition

25 most popular audience segments may edition

Looking for some inspiration on audiences to target? Check out this monthly segment release where we spotlight the top 25 most popular audience segments from the past month as well as some trending segments to keep a look out for the month of May.

All of these segments are available right now on your favorite advertising platform, such as LiveRamp, theTradeDesk, and StackAdapt.

[pdf-embedder url="" title="Skydeo Trending Segments May Edition"]

Top Trending Audience Segments for May


Mother's Day Segments

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and in-market segments have been on the rise. For the retailers out there, target individuals who enjoy going out to eat, or are shopping for gifts like jewelry, wine, or flowers. And guys, do not forget to call your mom on Sunday. That’s next Sunday, May 14th.

Skydeo > Interest > Holidays > Mother's Day

People who have declared an interest in Mother's Day, or have declared an interest in Parenting or have declared they have 1+ children. Also People who have declared an interest in products normally purchased on Mother's day - flowers, candies, cards, or dining.

LiveRamp ID: 1008490911


Graduation Segments

May is also graduation month. So if you’re sending a random family member who probably lives somewhere in New York an envelope of $20 for graduating high school, chances are someone else is too. Check out these graduation related audience segments:


Skydeo > Seasonal Shopper > Seasonal > Graduation Shoppers

Individuals who are in-market for high school or college graduation gifts or party planning.

LiveRamp ID: 1010174011 > Events and Attractions > Personal Celebrations and Life Events > Graduation

People with interest in Graduation based on search history and content consumed. Deterministic, contextual, behavioral segments based on logged in, opted-in usage organized into IAB segments.

LiveRamp ID: 1008793211


Summer Travel Segments

Summer vacation plans are getting hot, hot, hot. The number of Americans planning to travel to Europe this summer is skyrocketing. Kayak reported searches for European travel are 77% higher than last year, and Hopper said that of its US-based customers browsing international destinations, 37% are searching for flights to Europe. Now's the time to target those looking to travel across the Atlantic and are vacationing in Europe. Target those traveling to Europe with these segments:


Skydeo > Travel > Airline Travelers by Destination > International > Europe

Individuals who are in-market to Travel to Europe.

LiveRamp ID: 1010176741


Skydeo > Transactional > Travel > Travel Services > Travel Agent Customers

People who have made one or more transactions with a travel agency or other similar services.

LiveRamp ID: 1008261121


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