skydeo IDGraph™

onboard offline data and crm files

Onboard Offline Data

Unify & Connect your CRM and 1st-Party data sets to over 3 billion mobile devices.

deterministic linkages

Deterministic Linkages 

Skydeo IDGraph™ is 100% deterministic.  Probably just isn’t good enough.

Identity Resolution

Resolve identity to customer, household or device level.  Just upload, match & activate.

Identity Graph with Skydeo IDGraph™

Identity Resolution

People-Based Marketing requires a complete view of your customers. Customer switch between desktop, tablet, mobile so data can quickly become stale or use a variety of work or personal emails in online transactions.

Identity Graph

Retaining complete control and visibility into your customer is a critical aspect of people-based marketing. IDGraph provides a comprehensive view of your customer across all channels. IDGraph is a necessity to activate your first party data to better serve customers and improve personas through data appending.

Activation and Data Management

Advertisers who need to connect customer data to media partners, internal tools or synchronize messaging across channels need to continually recognize customers.

The ability to accurately identify customers is a must for marketing analytics and activation. The importance for brands and marketers planning is to link together different systems of audience information and customer engagement to personalize omni-channel customer experience. If a brand can identify a customer’s interests, and know where to find that person, then the advertiser can deliver a message with a positive response

The competitive challenge for most marketers is how best to resolve identity and use it effectively to win business. There are several IDGraph based solutions that provide a CDP, DMP or Customer Identity Platform. The struggle is executing against a constantly evolving target.

CRM platform data, multiple online touchpoint in desktop digital, mobile web and mobile in app, offline record linkage management, probabilistic cross-device graphs, and data onboarding—evolving from point solutions to unified platforms—make customer identity management a challenge.

IDGraph Lingo

Attend an industry event and all you hear is identity people saying “MAIDs” and “hashed emails” over and over.  #MAID #HEM #hashed email #sha256 #sha1 #md5 #mobile ID #IDFA #AAID #1st-party pixel