An effective IDGraph, or Identity Graph, is key to driving high-performance ad targeting, people-based marketing and account based marketing (ABM). Skydeo’s IDGraph solution consolidates anonymous mobile device data from multiple sources to create the most powerful mobile audience platform available.

By connecting this data in real time, marketers can gain key behavioral insights crucial for media planning for mobile, digital, radio and TV.  Skydeo’s Identity Graph can help answer questions like – What are the top apps used by the demographic I’m targeting?   Where do my customers shop most frequently?  

  • CRM Data Append:  Enrich your customer data with mobile first behavioral segments
  • Look-alike Modeling:  Using Skydeo’s deterministic mobile data as the signal and high affinity segments based on apps, real world locations and demographic information your look-alike models become exact-alikes so campaign scale is achieved at higher accuracy.
  • Measurement:  Track campaign performance and long term customer value with post-campaign activation tracking based on apps installed, GEO Locations visited and purchase history.

Skydeo is the leading mobile Data As A Service platform with over 630 million unique mobile devices providing over 40 billion attributes.

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