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Getting Down with OTT & Video Streaming Apps

Video streaming and "Over the Top" OTT TV has completely changed viewing habits and the way brands will advertise. The convergence of TV with digital changes the traditional TV marketplace and opens the door for digital innovation and data targeting. Skydeo, through our mobile audience panel of over 300 million unique devices, has an interesting view of the OTT and video streaming app landscape.

For marketers looking to target cord-cutters, the best way to reach OTT viewers today may be through their mobile app interests.  Skydeo data shows that cord-cutters use more mobile apps overall than traditional TV viewers and of course need to use multiple viewing apps in order to watch the content they want.

Skydeo Market Share of Video Streaming Apps - July 2017

HBO is an interesting case study.   HBO's HBO GO app is for cable subscribers to access shows on their mobile devices while HBO Now is for cord-cutters to subscribe to HBO content without a TV provider.   Although installs of both apps continue to increase based on consumer mobile device usage, we can analyze if and when HBO Now installs accelerate or surpass HBO GO installs as an indicator that cord-cutting is increasing.

Earlier this year Videology partnered with True Optik

Tru Optik CEO and Co-Founder Andre Swanston told Real-Time Daily via email:  “The biggest difference about this partnership is that legacy DMPs [data management platforms] have fallen behind the audience shift to CTV. They still rely on cookies for desktop and mobile device IDs for smart phones. Across CTV, neither cookies or device IDs are present... This partnership is a huge deal because it opens up people-based targeting abilities across CTV for Videology.”

Scott Ferber, Founder and CEO, Videology stated: “As more and more people watch content on a variety of devices, it’s important for advertisers to have a single view of their audience for holistic campaign delivery. Through this partnership with Tru Optik, our clients will benefit from more granular understanding and execution of advertising on OTT and connected TV, a quickly-growing piece of the video content ecosystem.”

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