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About Skydeo

It’s not about us,
it’s about fueling your campaigns.

We built Skydeo to help data-driven marketers like you find their ideal customers. 

It’s about helping brands scale influencer campaigns, helping banks find the most affluent audience, helping KFC reach customers who eat at Chick-fil-A and helping Tesla find customers who invest with Charles Schwab.

Above all, it’s about helping you find your next customers quickly and predictably.
Skydeo Insights

Skydeo Breaking

We’re really good at target audiences, data, affinity, purchase intent, psychographics, engagement, and demographics.

(Yes, trillion) data points


Segments from unique data

Amazing Team

We provide experienced advisors to help your company become more successful in the future.
Mike Ford
Founder CEO
Joe Lyons
Business Development
Kaylee Sye
Audience Marketing
David Dougherty
David Dougherty
Customer Success
Mallory Gray
Mallory Gray

Our passion is helping people find their ideal customers.

Mike Ford
Founder CEO

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