How to Sell More Products Online – Skydeo ShoppingGraph

Are you an e-commerce company looking to sell products online? Target people’s offline purchase behavior with Skydeo ShoppingGraph.

It’s hard to figure out who to target when you’re advertising products online. The challenge is identifying the right people who are interested in your products without spending too much money on advertising. Most advertisers end up wasting a lot of money advertising to the wrong audience online– they may target someone based on age, gender, demographic or location, but that’s not always the best or most accurate way. 

If you’re an e-commerce company, everyone knows is a powerhouse. One of the reasons they’re so successful is their product recommendation engine. This engine is basically a machine that helps sell more products online for e-commerce companies. The backbone of it is just a mountain of purchase history and transactional data. In order to succeed in e-commerce today, you need that same level of data. However, you may not have it in-house– that’s where Skydeo comes in. 

Skydeo ShoppingGraph lets advertisers target people based on their actual purchase history. This works better than just age, gender, or location advertising because it uses data from thousands of products which makes your targeting much more granular and scalable.

If you’d like to learn more about Skydeo ShoppingGraph and how we can help you sell products online, check out or watch a quick walkthrough of how ShoppingGraph works here.

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