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The Advertising Behind The WM Phoenix Open

The Advertising Behind the WM Phoenix Open

The Advertising Behind The Waste Management Phoenix Open


The Waste Management Phoenix Open is one of the most popular stops on the PGA Tour, drawing in huge crowds each year. Last Sunday’s final round of the tournament delivered an impressive 2.5 rating and 4.075 million viewers on NBC, making it the highest rated event since 2013. An estimated 719,179 people attend the event - setting a record for attendance at TPC Scottsdale golf course. The tournament generates tremendous amounts of revenue from sponsorships and advertising, with Waste Management's agreement to pay over $20 million for the next 10 years leading the charge. Additionally, corporate partners such as Anheuser-Busch and IBM contribute millions annually to support the event.

Media companies also purchase rights to broadcast the tournament, bringing in additional revenue for programming as well as events held during tournament week. It is estimated that this adds up to more than $100 million earned each year from sponsorships and advertising. Jarrod Menges, CEO of WM Phoenix Open and Gary Burns CMO for Anheuser-Busch have both credited their teams for creating digital campaigns that are designed to capture their audiences’ attention beyond traditional measures and create engagement around digital platforms helping boost revenue from sponsorships further.

The WM Phoenix Open has been called “the greatest show on turf” due to its enormous audience participation year after year and strong economic impact - estimated at over $400 million annually - thanks to enthusiastic fans, corporate partners and innovative leaders who drive growth through partnerships like no other tournament on tour.

Targeting the right audience is critical for success when planning events like these, which drives home the importance of having well-defined customer segments when it comes to marketing initiatives like these sponsorship opportunities. Companies like Skydeo specialize in helping organizations identify target audiences so that they can craft effective digital campaigns customized specifically to those groups with precision accuracy. To learn how you can target your customers contact Skydeo.

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