Skydeo Mobile Audiences & Insights

Imagine surveying 125 million people world-wide, all day, every day.  Imagine them answering questions with 100% accuracy.  Imagine Skydeo.

Mobile Insights

Understand your customers and prospects better by understanding their mobile interests and behavior.

Ad Targeting

Reach people by apps owned, places visited, by phone type, carrier and other device data.

Affinity & Overlap

Unlock the value of your audiences with Skydeo Affinity and Overlap analysis and data appends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does your data come from? Is it privacy compliant?

Skydeo sources data directly from mobile devices, it is not modeled or probabilistic.  Skydeo follows DAA guidelines and is a participating member of EU-US Privacy Shield Framework.    We prominently disclose the types of anonymous device data we collect and how we use the data.  We do not collect PII.   End users provide opt-in consent and have the ability to opt out at anytime.

How do you license Skydeo data?

Skydeo licenses data in several ways depending on the needs of the client.  Our most popular is our data as a service (DaaS) subscription model for insights and targeting.  For select advertisers we also license data on a usage model priced by CPM ranging from $.50 and up.

Do you work with my DSP, DMP, Ad Network?

For most companies, Skydeo has partnered with LiveRamp so audiences can quickly and easily be pushed to your partners without the need for custom integrations.   Skydeo can also ship audiences directly to the media partner of your choice.

Do you have any information I can share with my colleagues?

Yes, we made this great PDF.  You can see and download it here.

Mobile Data is more than an Advertising ID.   The dramatic shift and increase in consumer’s mobile usage has left old school data companies with nothing to sell but a “probabilistic” cross device match.  Skydeo offers a combination of targeting for mobile advertisers to reach users based on mobile app interests/ownership plus real world location history and place-based audiences.   This combination of targeting power works for brands and performance based advertisers.

Skydeo is a mobile-first company that works directly with app developers to collect, process and sell deterministic audiences to marketers looking to reach the right mobile users.

  • Skydeo works with app developers, large & small, on an exclusive, long term basis so our mobile audience data is sourced direct and in real time.
  • Skydeo is strictly a data company NOT a media company.  We chose this path to avoid conflict with our distribution partners who are DSPs, trading desks, agencies and publishers.  We help ads perform better but we don’t sell ads or run campaigns.
  • Mobile data needs to come from mobile devices directly – deterministically.    No massaging, no approximating, no probabilistic matching to legacy data sets.  This approach reduces the size of audiences but increases campaign performance.

You can find standard Skydeo Mobile Audiences through LiveRamp, DSPs like MediaMath and several DMPs.  If you would like a custom audience tailored to your target audience by specific apps or locations please contact us.

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