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Skydeo enables brands, agencies and media planners to build highly scalable media plans based on deterministic mobile data. Skydeo's tremendous scale of mobile app owners, place based audiences and demographic information like age, gender, income, net worth and auto/home ownership information drives a machine learning approach to media planning for the highest performance.


Where should we advertise in mobile?

Facebook Ads and Google represent 85% of mobile ad dollars today because they have made it easy for advertisers to target. Advertisers looking for lower cost conversions and better return on ad spend need better data to make those decisions and traditional players like Comscore & Nielsen lack the mobile scale needed.

For brands with apps, Skydeo can better inform you about your audience and provide direction on the best performing mobile apps and websites for you.  For brands without apps, Skydeo can use your 1st party data and append our insights in order to uncover the best places to advertise.

Major automakers use Skydeo Mobile Insights to drive radio & TV media buying.   Mobile game companies use Skydeo to drive app installs on Facebook and through their programmatic partners.  How can we help you reach your goals in mobile today?


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