Contextual Segments

Skydeo Contextual Graph™  provides powerful consumer search, browsing, intent and behavioral targeting based on contextual actions of logged-in users mapped to IAB segments.  Over 600 deterministic audiences sourced directly via consumer opted-in publishers and mapped to mobile ID (IDFA/GAID AAID). 

Skydeo ContextualGraph™ leverages contextual advertising techniques to create a new source of consumer audiences available on your ad platform of choice.  Contextual advertising uses the keywords or meta data of specific web pages or search results pages to deliver targeted ads "in context".    Unlike contextual ads which may command a premium CPM from publishers or offer limited scale, Skydeo ContextualGraph™ turns these high value consumer signals into audiences segments that can be targeted in Google, Facebook, Trade Desk, TikTok or anywhere you advertise.   Advertisers can also use Skydeo to  create custom PMPs to match these contextual/behavioral segments with relevant media inventory.  Combining behavioral, ShoppingGraph, PlacesGraph or other Skydeo data sets with ContextualGraph can improve targeting and ROAS.

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