Skydeo HouseholdGraph

Skydeo & Tru Optik have partnered to give advertisers comprehensive scale and reach across OTT & mobile devices.

Household Graph assigns an anonymized identifier to each household and deterministically links all OTT devices in the household to that identifier using Smart TVs and streaming media players like Apple TV and FireTV, which never leave the home as anchors.   Combining Tru Optik’s graph with over 500 million mobile devices from Skydeo enables  cross-device resolution advertisers need to take full advantage of OTT’s targeting and measurement capabilities. 

Skydeo AppGraph provides OTT insights & targeting across OTT app users of AT&T TV, Netflix, Hulu, Roku, CBS, HBO, Showtime, Starz, and more.

How does Connect TV advertising compared to linear?

If you compare an index linear buy to a CTV buy, the CTV buy will be much more precise, reaching only households in the target. It is truly audience-based targeting. The index linear buy is contextual. It buys entire programs whose audiences index above average for a target group. As a result, the CPM for in-target impressions will favor the CTV buy. 

Leveraging Skydeo’s mobile device reach, reaching target audience individuals in addition to the household devices improves performance and return on ad spend.

Leveraging Skydeo’s mobile device reach

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