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Skydeo Graphs 


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Why use HouseholdGraph™


Reach households with targeted advertising based on demographics, income, location, and purchasing behavior.

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Competitive Conquest

Get a leg up on the competition by uncovering valuable insights into customer preferences and behaviors through in-depth analysis of household data with HouseholdGraph.

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Analyze household-level data to uncover unique patterns and behaviors, enabling more effective marketing strategies.

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Skydeo HouseholdGraph™

Skydeo HouseholdGraph™ assigns an anonymized identifier to each household and deterministically links all OTT devices in the household to that identifier using Smart TVs and streaming media players like Apple TV and FireTV, which never leave the home as anchors. Skydeo & Tru Optik have partnered to give advertisers comprehensive scale and reach across OTT & mobile devices. Combining Tru Optik’s graph with over 500 million mobile devices from Skydeo enables cross-device resolution advertisers need to take full advantage of OTT’s targeting and measurement capabilities. 

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