Identity Resolution

Building an identity graph is just the first step in identity resolution.  The explosion of big data is driven by the number of consumer devices now available.  People have never been more reachable or addressable.  The issue is how and where to best find them the way they want to be found.   Identity resolution is a key to people-based marketing.

According to Forrester Research:

Connecting online and offline identities is the elephant in the room for customer-obsessed marketers who want to create cross-channel customer journeys. Efforts to marry digital and offline identities is stymied by poor data persistence, degrading daisy chains of vendors matching and passing data, and technology silos. Some aspects are nominally within marketers’ control such as internal organizational design and vendor selection, but many factors — like cookie expiration and device obfuscation — are completely independent.

“Identity resolution is a Strategic imperative – the value of identity resolution isn’t limited to the context of a single touchpoint or device, such as a cookie iD for display ads or an email address for newsletters it’s a strategic capability that facilitates the links between systems and interactions. Identity resolution is the process of integrating 1) identifiers across available touch points and devices and 2) behavior, transaction, and contextual information into a cohesive and addressable consumer profile for marketing analysis, orchestration, and delivery.”

People-Based Marketing can assist with identity resolution.  Contact us for more information.