What is an Observation Graph?

An observation graph is a mapping of user behavior over time based on certain criteria.   For mobile users, an observation graph may include real world places and locations visited, attendance at events like sporting events, concerts or interesting activities like mountain climbing, boating, or dog park visits.

Elements of An Observation Graph

In order to have an accurate observation graph, the underlying data set needs to be deterministic and have enough scale to create a meaningful sample for analysis.  By cataloging and indexing real world mobile behaviors to known places, locations, events, consumer insights and apps, Skydeo’s Observation Graph can drive improved targeting and insights.

Who Needs an Observation Graph?

The primary use cases for ObservationGraph.com include:

  1. Retailers looking to target shoppers
  2. Investment Research Firms looking to analyze footfall traffic
  3. Ticket Brokers looking to target people who attend events
  4. Movie Studios looking to track attribution of advertising to movie goers.
  5. Brand Advertisers and their Ad Agencies looking to drive high performance campaigns and track the performance of campaigns.

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