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Skydeo Auto Segments enables advertisers to target The year in which this person’s car was built on the Skydeo Data Marketing Platform.  If you are using a programmatic or social platform like Google DV360, The Trade Desk – TTD, Facebook, MediaMath, TikTok, Snapchat, Programmatic, Xandr this audience will be labeled Skydeo > Auto > Vehicle Year > 1964.   For social platforms, you can use Skydeo data as a percentage of your media spend or for CPM on media impressions of just 0.75   Skydeo acquired AutomobileSegments.com as a simple way for you to research, find and activate the auto segment you need for your campaign.

Skydeo IDGraph helps marketers onboard their CRM data to match & append Skydeo segment info for customer personas, insights and look-alike modeling.   For counts, custom audiences or to ask questions please contact us.

Skydeo is the leading provider of mobile insights, audiences, & custom segment to brands, agencies and their platforms. For more information about Skydeo vehicle audiences please visit AutomobileSegments.com

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