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Skydeo Graphs 


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Why use ShoppingGraph™


Use shopping behavior data to create highly targeted campaigns based on purchase history, product preferences, and browsing behavior.

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Competitive Conquest

Leverage ShoppingGraph™ to identify unique shopping patterns and trends in the market, gaining a competitive edge over other players in your industry.

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Analyze customer shopping behavior to uncover trends and uncover new marketing opportunities.

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Skydeo ShoppingGraph™

By leveraging purchase history data mapped to Skydeo mobile users, ShoppingGraph™ provides a targeted approach that reaches shoppers across various platforms such as Facebook, Google, Trade Desk, Xandr, and more. What sets ShoppingGraph™ apart is its capability to utilize e-commerce, coupon, and grocery store purchase histories as a deterministic training set for machine learning. This distinctive approach allows advertisers to extend their audience reach with precision and confidence. Elevate your advertising reach and effectiveness with Skydeo ShoppingGraph™, where every purchase becomes a powerful catalyst for targeted, impactful marketing.

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