TikTok Advertising Custom Audiences

How To Target Audiences on TikTok with Skydeo

TikTok Audience Request

 TikTok advertising has exploded in 2021.  As the costs of other platforms increases, TikTok advertising remains a great value due to increased engagement, growing user base and lower CPMs.  As with any new advertising platform it takes time for marketers to get up to speed on the user interface, terminology and workflow.  Skydeo’s data team is experienced with programmatic and paid social platforms.  We can guide you through the process of targeting custom audiences to acquire more customers with TikTok ads.

In order to maximize advertising spend, TikTok advertisers, paid social agencies and influencer agencies are using Skydeo segments for custom audiences.   Skydeo PlacesGraph™ lets retailers target their store visitors and competitors’ visitors on TikTok at scale plus measure TikTok ad results with Skydeo Foot Traffic Studies & In Flight Optimization (IFO).   Skydeo ShoppingGraph™ audiences include retail brand, CPG and soft goods customers based on deterministic purchase history.  Skydeo Political Pinpoints provides voter list segments based on affluent donors, causes, ethnicity, congressional districts and more.  For a complete list of Skydeo segments available Contact Skydeo for custom audiences or more information.