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The Top 15 Dsps in 2023

Nexxen the rapidly evolving landscape of digital advertising, demand side platforms (DSPs) have become essential tools for advertisers seeking efficient programmatic ad buying. Let’s explore a leading DSP in the industry, Nexxen.

About Nexxen

Nexxen is very excited to share that the strategic pillars in the Tremor International brand portfolio - the combined Amobee and Tremor Video DSP, the Unruly SSP and the Spearad ad server - have rebranded as Nexxen! Encompassing all elements of the Tremor International tech stack – which will now be known as the Nexxen DSP, Nexxen SSP and Nexxen Ad Server, with the SSP and ad server going to market collectively as Nexxen CTRL – this rebrand represents a new, unified chapter for them and a more seamless experience for their valued partners, so you can achieve more with the simplicity and efficiency of a single partner.

What Nexxen can do for you

One Omnichannel Partner with Greater Capabilities

Nexxen's sole focus is to optimize your campaign to its highest potential across every screen. With an omnichannel approach that’s powered by data, flexible planning tools and insights, they help you achieve greater discovery, hyper-targeted activation and precise measurement.



"Lexus enriches engagement of multicultural car buyers"

Amobee uncovers meaningful insights that fuels audience discovery

"Ampersand strategies drives reduction in vaccine misinformation"

Powered by Brand Intelligence, Fortune Media sees successful vaccine education program

"Toyota accelerates sales with 4Screen measurement"

Converged desktop, mobile, CTV, and TV optimizations increase consumer action rates

Executive Team

Samba Natarajan (CEO)
Chance Johnson (Senior Vice President, Sales)
Melinda Theo (Vice President, Sales Operations)

Skydeo is here to enhance your DSP usage

To truly unlock the full potential of DSPs and take your advertising strategies to new heights, partnering with a reliable and innovative data-driven solution provider is key. At Skydeo, we specialize in providing cutting-edge audience insights and data-driven solutions that seamlessly integrate with the top 15 DSPs in 2023.

With our robust platform, advertisers gain access to comprehensive audience segmentation, precise targeting capabilities, and actionable insights derived from our extensive mobile data resources. By partnering with Skydeo, you can leverage the power of data to reach the right audience, at the right time, with the right message, ultimately driving superior campaign performance.

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