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The Top 15 DSPs in 2023


In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital advertising, demand side platforms (DSPs) have become essential tools for advertisers seeking efficient programmatic ad buying. Let’s explore a leading DSP in the industry, Adform.

Personalized home that delivers an acitonable advertiser overview

Transparent marketplace and inventory curation for optimal SPO

Rapid campaign health checks

Built in propriety anti-fraud protection


Discover the Power of Adform

The Adform Demand Side Platform provides an elegant user experience for the seamless activation of your campaigns, across channels, in real-time, backed by your proprietary data. With the Adform DSP, your teams are well positioned to identify, reach, and buy with precision. Their omnichannel DSP gives you effortless access to the inventory that matters most, across channels such as display, audio, video, CTV, DooH, mobile and in-app. Buy with confidence backed by their extensive collection of advanced buying algorithms and their superior blend of human/machine intelligence.

The Top 15 DSPs in 2023: Adform

Recent News

PWC Report shows promising results for first Adform Campaign with Utiq

Adform, the global programmatic platform, today announces the results of a PwC  tested campaign that increased unique impressions by 3.75x in Safari and Firefox (versus Chrome and other browsers where third-party cookies still play a key role), demonstrating great potential for Utiq’s identity solution. Utiq, the new European privacy-led digital Authentic Consent Service, was tested along with independent advertising agency pilot, and achieved stronger addressability and frequency capping in a fraud free environment via Adform’s DSP and ID Fusion.

The first test campaign reported 25% improved frequency compared to other first-party ID solutions.

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Leveling Up

Skydeo is here to enhance your DSP usage

To truly unlock the full potential of DSPs and take your advertising strategies to new heights, partnering with a reliable and innovative data-driven solution provider is key. At Skydeo, we specialize in providing cutting-edge audience insights and data-driven solutions that seamlessly integrate with the top 15 DSPs in 2023.

With our robust platform, advertisers gain access to comprehensive audience segmentation, precise targeting capabilities, and actionable insights derived from our extensive mobile data resources. By partnering with Skydeo, you can leverage the power of data to reach the right audience, at the right time, with the right message, ultimately driving superior campaign performance.

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