Melissa Parish, Forbes contributor, describes an up and coming phenomenon in the marketing industry: “people-based marketing”. For a long time, a big struggle businesses have had is in narrowing down their audiences to effectively bring in clientele. It can be very difficult to find specific enough data about people’s interests to know how to draw them in. People-based marketing can give businesses a leg up, by “connecting with the right people at the right time, with the right message” (Parrish, Forbes). Spotify is doing this using a concept called persistent identity, which they believe is the new “gold standard”.

They are able to track peoples interests across multiple devices and present ads relevant to their interests, based on the type of music that they are listening to. Parish explains that “music reflects who we are and the moment we’re in. We might listen one way when we’re waking up, another when we’re getting amped for a workout, another when we’re decompressing after a long day, and so on”. Because people are constantly listening to music, it is a pretty accurate way to always know what kind of mood they are in, or what stage of their day they are in. This makes music a great way to understand and interpret the data being streamed. Another key point in this is personalization. That is what companies such as Skydeo are moving toward. Skydeo aims to make the lives of businesses easier,  by collecting and tracking data from personal devices. Using the personalized information from data-mining companies will create many opportunities for companies to advertise more directly and efficiently, bringing in more successful and specified customers.