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TikTok Custom Audiences - How to Build Email & CRM Based Audiences in TikTok

TikTok Custom Audiences are powerful way to reach the highly engaged TikTok users your brand needs to grow.  TikTok Custom audiences are similar to Facebook Custom Audiences in several ways but it currently lacks the ability to upload email lists in order to build a custom audience.  TikTok CPMs are currently much lower than Facebook so marketers can improve their ROAS immediately onboarding their CRM direct to TikTok.  Skydeo enables brand advertisers and agencies the ability to onboard their CRM, email, customer and prospect files directly to their advertising account as custom audiences.

Use Cases for CRM Onboarding to TikTok:

  • Customer Retargeting or remarketing:  Re-target your best customers where they spend the most time on social media
  • Customer Exclusion:  Reduce wasted ad spend by excluding your existing customer from customer acquisition campaigns.
  • Customer Acquisition:  Target prospects deterministically
  • Account Based Marketing:  Skydeo B2B & AccountsGraph lets you target your business prospects and customers directly on TikTok even if you only have their business email.

How much does TikTok CRM Onboarding Cost?

Skydeo is offering free CRM Onboarding through December 31, 2022 for brand advertisers and their agencies.*

How do you upload emails to TikTok?  Just let us know and we'll be in touch to help you set it up TikTok email upload.

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