Skydeo AppAudiences Overview

Many app publishers are used to creating mobile segments from their own 1st Party Data.   The most common segments include

  • Daily Active Users
  • Monthly Active Users
  • Users who have made an in app purchase or subscription
  • Users who have reached a certain level
  • New installs
  • Inactive users in the last 7 days, 30 days, etc.

Skydeo AppAudiences enables app publishers and advertisers the ability to create unique mobile segments (AppAudiences) based on the adjacent apps installed or used on mobile devices.   AppAudiences may use the Skydeo AppGraph to find apps that over-index or have high affinity for a specific target app.

AppAudiences are useful for:

  • Competitive targeting by app
  • User Acquisition based on high affinity apps
  • Media Planning
  • Audience Validation for Publishers
  • Attribution and Measurement for App Install Campaigns.

For geo targeted place based see Skydeo location audiences.