Skydeo AppGraph™

AppGraph Insights

Skydeo AppGraph Insights provide rich, behavioral brand intelligence based on app usage.

Competitive Conquest

Target Competitors Customers based on app usage information.  

AppGraph Append

Upload your own 1st party data sets to Skydeo to learn what apps people use, where to target them on social media and gain brand intelligence.


AppGraph Targeting

Target people by mobile app usage on Facebook, Google and programmatic targeting on major platforms.

Custom Audiences

Skydeo creates custom audiences through deep learning AI against 3 billion devices and over 1 trillion deterministic event attributes.

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Skydeo AppGraph™

There are over 5 million apps in the app stores.  For every human activity, interest, hobby, idea, task – there is an app for that.  Skydeo AppGraph is the largest programmatic consumer survey ever conducted.  We ask consumers “What apps do you use?”  The results are an astounding collection of behavioral interest, intent and life stage information in which to create high value audiences in a privacy compliant way.

App Intelligence = Brand Intelligence

There are several app intelligence firms that report on appstore downloads using the developers appstore login information as the source of data.  These tools are great for the Top ranking apps but fail to register for smaller, niche apps or new apps on their way up the charts.  Since Skydeo sources its brand/app intelligence directly from the consumer, we have a deterministic AppGraph across every device and every app used.  Skydeo’s Data Science combines the AppGraph using machine learning, cohort analysis and other techniques to provide brand intelligence, brand affinities and look-alike modeling for audience extension.

AppGraph Segments can be created by combining a custom list of apps you choose, by category of apps, by keyword in name or description or by using Skydeo AI Segments to use your app as the seed to build hyper targeted lists.

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“AppGraph does provide an excellent foundation for more extensive analysis in the future, such as the mapping of buying patterns and ROI predications.”

Today It’s Not Just Marketing; It’s Art Backed by Science.

Once, there was the vast digital ocean. Marketers set out, with giant nets, casting them wide in the hope of catching something... anything. Those were simpler times. Today's marketing transcends mere fishing. It delves deep into understanding the habits of the fish,...

Lookalike Modeling: What You Need to Know

  In today's digital landscape, lookalike modeling has emerged as a powerful tool for marketers seeking to optimize their targeting strategies. By leveraging the potential of data-driven insights, businesses can identify audiences similar to their existing...

Tesla Owners Mobile Personas – Skydeo Insights

Tesla Owners Analysis by Skydeo Insights. In a recent panel study of 340 million mobile users, Skydeo analyzed Tesla car owners mobile app interests compared to non-Tesla car owners and the results are intriguing.  Tesla owners were 72 to 103 times more likely to have Charles Schwab or eTrade Investment accounts.

Who is using Bitcoin? Skydeo Insights by Apps, Age, Gender & Net Worth

Skydeo surveyed over 100,000 bitcoin users from our panel of 607 million mobile devices.
86% of bitcoin users are Male.
65% of bitcoin users are between ages 18-34.
Just 9% of bitcoin users are over age 45

Smart Home Consumer Audience

Smart Home Consumers use Sonos, Bose, Philips, Rachio Iro and other connected home products. Skydeo Insights analyzed Smart Home mobile app users and shared results.

Dropbox vs. Spotify IPO: App Intelligence – Alternative Data

Dropbox and Spotify going public is good news for the mobile marketplace so we decided to compare the two apps and their users in Skydeo. Skydeo surveyed over 250 million users from our panel of 875 million uniques.   We also tracked new app downloads during October...

Uber Driver vs. Lyft Driver Market Share by Skydeo

Uber Driver vs Lyft Driver market share analysis by Skydeo Insights. 65% of Lyft Drivers also drive Uber but only 3% of Uber Drivers drive Lyft.

How to Target Mobile App Users in Google Adwords

Google Adwords Remarketing enables advertisers to target app users (Apple IDFA or Android Ad ID lists) and CRM data (email lists) directly via the Adwords interface.  Skydeo AppGraph enables advertisers to use custom audience lists (IDFA/AAID) for targeting users...

How Top Publishers Use Mobile AppGraph Data To Drive Ad Targeting

Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat have been using the app inventory of mobile devices  (or AppGraph) to drive targeting and performance for advertiser campaigns for a while.  YouTube has also joined the ranks of top publishers using the AppGraph to drive results....

Getting Down with OTT & Video Streaming Apps

Video streaming and "Over the Top" OTT TV has completely changed viewing habits and the way brands will advertise. The convergence of TV with digital changes the traditional TV marketplace and opens the door for digital innovation and data targeting. Skydeo, through...