Skydeo AppGraph™ provides rich behavioral insights & targeting based app usage data sourced directly from mobile devices.  Use AppGraph to extend your audiences via look-alike modeling based on high affinity apps.


Skydeo PlacesGraph™ provides deterministic, location-based insights &  targeting based on real-world visit behavior.  Skydeo leverages GPS, WiFi & Beacon data from over 150 million devices per month matched to places of interest (POI) or custom geo-fences.


Skydeo IDGraph™ unites multiple data sources to create a single, unique  profile for marketers to drive high performance targeting, personalization and measurement.  Our Identity Graph is key to People-Based Marketing and Look-Alike Modeling for brands onboarding CRM files and other first party data sets.


Skydeo HouseholdGraph™ enhances addressable, OTT and Connected TV (CTV) identity resolution and audience-based targeting by extending advertisers reach across TV & Mobile devices.   HouseholdGraph enables data companies and advertisers to connect their first party mobile data directly to CTV.


Skydeo ShoppingGraph™ combines e-commerce & consumer package goods (CPG) purchases history with Skydeo mobile advertising IDs (MAIDs) to create highly unique insights & audiences for programmatic targeting.  Want to reach Walmart or Target shoppers who buy Dannon yogurt? Shazam!  We’ve got that.


Skydeo ConsumerGraph™ combines over 6,000 consumer interest, intent and behavioral segments with Skydeo mobile advertising IDs (MAIDs) to offer deterministic insights and targeting at the highest scale and accuracy.  Auto, Demographic, Financial, B2b, Home Ownership, In Market & Personas.


Skydeo DeviceMap™ provides rich device-based data including telecom carrier, device manufacturer, device model, geography, OS, battery, language setting, screen size, etc. Great for targeting cell phone plan switchers, foreign language speakers in the US and more.  Learn more at

Connected TVGraph

Skydeo CTVGraph™ provides custom entertainment-based audiences based on content viewed via mobile and connected TV devices.  Target people based on their viewing habits and favorite shows regardless if the network or streaming provider runs advertisements.

AI Segments

Skydeo’s AI platform combines cognitive research, machine learning and smart, simple data engineering to create artficial intelligence (AI) segments that predict consumer behavior.   Our training data sets include trillions of deterministic events and observations on billions of devices globally.