Mobile Audiences:  The way we use our mobile phones says everything about us from the apps we use to the places we go.  They are an extension and a reflection of our personality.    Skydeo specializes in mobile audiences based on app ownership, apps installed, GPS locations places visited – sourcing fresh, mobile data to create actionable mobile audiences.   It sounds simple but most data companies are repurposing their outdated desktop data and mapping it at the household level or based on inaccurate IP address matching.

Skydeo Mobile Audiences are sourced directly from the most popular apps, anonymous and privacy compliant.

Many advertisers and agencies are leveraging location data for mobile audience targeting.   Skydeo combines location data with app data plus traditional targeting like age, gender, income, net worth, and auto ownership.

Build your own custom mobile audience to increase the performance of your campaign.  Skydeo Mobile Audiences provide 100% visibility and transparency into the attributes that make up your audience.  Contact us today.

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A sample of our mobile audiences is below:

Mobile Audiences – Places Locations


Mobile Audiences by App Category