People-Based Marketing

What is People-Based Marketing and Why it is Important for Marketing

Traditionally, marketers broadcasted their message far and wide, hoping that the target audience had a chance to see it online. The second approach was cookie-based. This meant that based on browsing habits, companies would know where you liked to shop and the types of products you look at. It sounds great in theory, but it misses a huge part of the puzzle since cookie-based marketing can’t differentiate situations.

“The problem is the linkage,” explains Experian, “How was a cookie associated with the person to whom the ad is being served?

As marketers, we need to make sure that we are reaching the right people with the right ad, and more importantly not reaching those people who have opted out. Cookie-based marketing also produced false positives if you mistyped, clicked on something out of curiosity, or let someone use your computer.  Now, an additional type of marketing has come into use: people-based marketing.


What is people-based marketing?

Also called cross-device marketing, people-based marketing leverages technology to market to people across channels. Targeted ads are delivered on different devices and platforms based on user behavior. Most people and companies refer to it as people based marketing because the key is understanding the person behind it all that enables people based marketing to take place.

While consumer-driven content isn’t new, people-based marketing is a new wave in the industry, pushing marketers to use personalized data resulting from recent developments in big data and analytics.  People-Based Marketing is strategic approach to marketing in which marketers target individual people, rather than groups, with relevant messaging across different channels and touchpoints. An optimized PBM strategy leverages both consumer identification for accuracy and automation for scale.

Shifting the focus from cookies to people, marketers of the future realize they have all the data at their fingertips. The good ones just know what to do with it.

people based marketing
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Defining People-Based Marketing

Digital advertising is evolving from trying to target browser cookies to targeting people across all their devices, including mobile. People based marketing enables marketers to show more relevant advertisements to people when they are ready.   Cross-Device Matching, Deterministic Pairs and other ad tech terms are the methods companies use to find and target the right people at the right time, anonymously.

Desktop cookies are dying.  Just like Internet companies like Amazon killed brick & mortar stores, the shift to mobile usage has diminished the value of cookies.  What are advertisers to do?  The best option today is People-Based Marketing.  People Based Marketing or Advertising allows advertisers to solve the cross-device difficulties of matching cookies and mobile ad ids by connecting these anonymous to their first party data.

Marketing and Data Clouds gives advertisers the capability to onboard first-party CRM data against massive databases to build personalized ad campaigns based on real people.