Persona-Based Marketing

Persona-Based Marketing is a synonym for People-Based Marketing.

Defining And Developing Buyer Personas

Buyer personas are representations of your actual customers — taking into account who they are, what they are trying to accomplish, what their goals are, and how they behave throughout the buying cycle.

Buyer personas are typically based on both independent and market research, combining insights from your actual customers (gleaned through surveys and interviews) with trends seen in the overall market. Depending on your industry and business model, you could have anywhere from two personas to upwards of 20.

Personas should include a full portrait of your ideal buyer — including information like:

  • Demographic/background information:
    • Job title, career, roles and responsibilities
    • Family/life outside work, household income
    • Company size, location and industry
    • Budget
  • Behavioral information:
    • What keeps them up at night
    • Pain points and challenges
    • Role in purchasing
    • Content consumption

Source- MarketingLand