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People-Based Marketing Defined

"Over the last nine months, Atlas/Facebook says, the phrase “people-based marketing” has become industry standard, with advertising companies far and wide trumpeting their ability to target and measure real people across both mobile and desktop. As noted in eMarketer’s 2015 State of U.S. Digital Marketing report: “Strategically, marketers are focusing less on devices and more on people, specifically connecting with consumers wherever and whenever they access the web.” “People-based marketing" was first introduced into the industry lexicon. Since that time, the phrase has been used beyond Atlas by the media and a variety of industry players....But just as competition precludes uniformity, not every company that promises people-based marketing can deliver on it in the same way."

People-Based Marketing Defined - Atlas

Key Takeaways

  1. Marketers must evolve beyond cookies to reach consumers on mobile. If they don't, they'll be left behind by those who have.

  2. "People-based marketing" has gained industry traction because it promises a new solution to the challenges mobile advertising presents.

  3. Mobile mandates a new marketing philosophy for the 21st century. Kotler's famous "4Ps" are now the "4Cs": Choice, Convenience, Cross-Device and Creative Sequencing. Every decision marketers make should be rooted in these fundamentals.

  4. The "4Cs" are the why of 21st-century marketing. Accuracy, Persistence and Scale are the how. Real people-based marketing delivers across all three planes.

  5. Atlas is real people-based marketing. It uses anonymized information from real people to deliver unprecedented accuracy in targeting and measurement at scale based on Facebook users worldwide.

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