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Skydeo ShoppingGraph™ Unlocks Consumer Purchase History for Programmatic & Social Audience Targeting for Advertisers

Deterministic, Consumer Shopping Purchase History, Insights, Affinity, Measurement & Look-Alike Modeling mapped to Mobile ID.

Skydeo expands its high-performing Skydeo ShoppingGraph™ data solution across over 1,000 Brands & Products and over 3,000 unique audience segments for advertisers to boost sales and new customer acquisition.

cpg"Retail giants like Amazon, Walmart & Target have been using their product level purchase history data to drive sales for years," says Skydeo founder Mike Ford, "consumers see this in the form of recommendation engines 'People who bought this item also bought this other item'. Now they are all launching their own media divisions to capitalize on that data. Skydeo ShoppingGraph™ give advertisers the ability use that same data set to target almost any brand product - their own or their competitors - on their marketing platform of choice ."  (The Trade Desk, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, etc)

shoppinggraphSkydeo ShoppingGraph™ audience categories include Retail Products, Retail Brands, Retail Stores, Consumer Package Goods CPG, Pet, Electronics, Coupon Shoppers, as well as Alcohol, Liquor & Cannabis segments.

How does Skydeo ShoppingGraph™ compare to other solutions?

Other "Shopping Graphs" rely on product listings, reviews and product information to link related products together. Skydeo ShoppingGraph™ sources it's data directly via consumer opt-in and links product purchases to each anonymous profile. Many marketers rely on bank or credit card data which is typically merchant level spending. Skydeo goes another level deeper by providing product - SKU level data which provides thousands of unique attributes for AI and look-alike modeling matched to Skydeo consumer profiles. Typically, only CPG companies or retailers would target CPG segments. Skydeo ShoppingGraph™ combined across other Skydeo solutions enables non-CPG advertisers to leverage these audiences to acquire new customers at a much lower cost per acquisition.

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About Skydeo Inc.
Skydeo provides customer acquisition solutions to brands and advertisers through Skydeo’s mobile first, data marketing platform. Skydeo’s unique combination of privacy-compliant identity and audience data solutions features the Skydeo IDGraph, AppGraph, PlacesGraph, ShoppingGraph & ConsumerGraph for CRM onboarding, custom audiences and look-alike modeling.


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