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Skydeo Launches B2B *AccountsGraph for Account Based Marketing (ABM)

Skydeo launches *AccountsGraph B2B audience segments for account-based advertising on programmatic, CTV and social platforms.

Brad Brown

“AccountsGraph audiences are a major step forward for B2B advertisers and Account Based Marketing (ABM)”, said Brad Brown, Senior Partner (emeritus) from McKinsey & Co., “Skydeo’s unique combination of B2B data with broad reaching mobile-first consumer data provides marketers the ability to target prospects much like LinkedIn but on any platform at lower cost of media. It's a compelling solution."

SkydeoB2B segments include Firmographic and contact data by Company Name Job Title, Industry, Company Revenue, Company Employees as well technographic data based on the the technologies in use by company. *AccountsGraph lets B2B advertisers target prospects and customers by Company Name at scale. Reaching consumers by the company they work for is important for recruitment advertising and for selling B2B products & services in the finance, IT, Tech, Pharma and Human Resources sectors.

Skydeo *AccountsGraph™ standard taxonomy of the Top 2000 companies in tech, finance, healthcare and other industries is available on Yahoo, TikTok, Google, LiveRamp, Kargo & StackAdapt. For list of the Top 5000 companies go to or contact Skydeo for a custom audience.

According to Skydeo CEO Mike Ford, "Since we launched SkydeoB2B we've seen a surge in B2B intent data so there is merit to launching AccountsGraph now. We help B2B advertisers rampup their Account Based Marketing."

AccountsGraph Taxonomy by Industry

AccountsGraph List

skydeob2bB2B Audience Targeting

Email marketing to prospects is an often used tactic to increase sales.  Combining email marketing with online display advertising using your prospect list will increase awareness for your products and services and help you create new qualified leads.  A well-managed B2B audience targeting strategy often improves the ROI for online ads.

DNB suggests this:

How to Find the Best B2B Audience Targeting Platform

  • How do you know which of the many audience targeting platforms is right for your business?
  • Here are several features that the best B2B audience targeting applications have in common:
  • Accurate Data: The entire purpose behind a targeted approach is to reach qualified leads. Outdated or incomplete data won’t help achieve this goal.
  • A Comprehensive Database: Larger data sets may allow you to reach more potential customers. They may also contain a greater number of audience segments for consideration.
  • Advertising Network Integration: You’ll want to be sure that your B2B audience targeting tool is compatible with your ad network of choice.
  • Customer Support: There’s a learning curve to many adtech tools, so easy access to product support is an important feature that isn’t always top of mind.
  • B2B companies stand to benefit from including audience targeting solutions in their sales and marketing toolkits, reaching more qualified prospects at a lower cost to the business

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