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5 Reasons You Should Switch to Skydeo B2B Segments

5 Reasons You Should Switch to Skydeo B2B Segments


Account-based marketing (ABM) is an effective way to target potential customers at the account level. However, many companies are still struggling to make it work for them. If you're still buying contacts for ABM, it's time to switch to Skydeo B2B segments and here's why:


1. Comprehensive data

Skydeo B2B segments provide all the company data you need by name, by industry, as well as contact-level data like each person at the company, down to HR function, finance, IT, job titles. With this comprehensive data, you can slice and dice your audience the way you want and build ABM campaigns that are easy to use and successful.


2. Platform of your choice

One of the great things about Skydeo B2B segments is that you can use them on the platform of your choice. Whether you want to advertise on TikTok, Facebook, or any other programmatic platform, Skydeo B2B segments can deliver the data you need to target your ideal audience.


3. Unmatched scale and targeting

Skydeo's unique combination of business and consumer data at scale gives you everything you need for a successful account-based marketing campaign with unmatched ROI. With over 120 million companies, 350 million emails, and 2 billion mobile devices, Skydeo B2B segments offer the most actual business data in the industry.


4. Cost-effective

Using Skydeo B2B segments is a cost-effective way to execute ABM campaigns. By eliminating the need to purchase contact data and build email lists, you can save time and money while still delivering effective results.


5. Easy to use

With Skydeo B2B segments, ABM campaigns become easy to use. The data is delivered to your platform of choice, allowing you to quickly and easily target your ideal audience. This ease of use allows you to focus on other aspects of your marketing strategy, like creating compelling content and messaging.


In conclusion, if you're still buying contacts for account-based marketing, it's time to switch to Skydeo B2B segments. With comprehensive data, the platform of your choice, unmatched scale and targeting, cost-effectiveness, and ease of use, Skydeo B2B segments offer everything you need to execute successful ABM campaigns. Contact Skydeo today to learn more about how to efficiently do account-based marketing and make your campaigns hum.

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