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How to Advertise to People Based On Where They Shop

How to Advertise to People Based On Where They Shop - Skydeo PlacesGraph

Wouldn't it be great to target your advertising to people where they shop? At Skydeo we can do that, and we call it Skydeo PlacesGraph.

Our PlacesGraph tool gives you the opportunity to target people based on where they spend their money. PlacesGraph creates audiences by drawing a radius around properties like restaurants, retail stores or car dealerships. As phones enter those locations, they are grouped together in that audience. So using location-based data, you are able to curate an audience comprised of people who visit specific stores in specific locations. You can use this type of targeting to advertise on Facebook, TikTok and Google Ads - allowing you to acquire customers according to which places your desired demographic frequent most often 

This targeting is super fun and popular and pairs well with our Skydeo ShoppingGraph tool, which uses data based on shoppers’ purchase history.

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