Mobile DMP

Mobile Data Management Platform

Append Your Mobile Audiences with Rich Mobile and Offline Data for Better Insights & Targeting

Mobile usage is increasing yet, with the exception of Facebook Ads and Google, mobile ad spend has not kept up usage.
One reason for this is a lack of actionable data for targeting and mobile media planning. The challenge of managing ad spend, attribution, targeting and ROI across numerous channels is daunting. Most brands have yet to experiment with in-app advertising outside of the top publishers.

Much like B2B companies need a robust CRM tool to manage their customers and leads, mobile advertisers need a robust software platform to manage mobile data collection, segmentation, data integration with 3rd parties and marketing. These platforms are typically labeled as a mobile data management platform or Mobile DMP. Skydeo believes a Data Marketing Platform offers higher value than just management and is a better description of MobileDMP today.

What are the key features and benefits of a Mobile DMP?

Desktop DMPs managed your “cookie space”. A mobile DMP collects and segments your 1st party mobile data directly via your apps plus ingests and matches 3rd party mobile data to your 1st party data.  Mobile Advertisers use Skydeo’s MobileDMP today to:
• Create deterministic, custom mobile audience segments at scale.
• Use custom mobile audiences for cross-platform activation to reach and retarget users on their device of choice.
• Integrate and send audiences to their media platforms of choice (Facebook Custom Audiences, DBM, MediaMath, etc.) to target in app, mobile web and video advertising.
• Analyze and perform cohort analysis to determine the highest affinity apps and sites for user acquisition, competitive conquest campaigns and to find low cost media alternatives.

SAM makes audiences easy.

Mobile data management platforms let brands and agencies grow mobile marketing campaigns intelligently. Skydeo clients see much higher performance using mobile-sourced data for mobile ad campaigns instead of offline data sets that are probabilistically matched by cross-device companies. By using a mobileDMP to build a custom mobile audience as the signal, audiences can be expanded to mobile web or desktop with a higher degree of quality. For example, by using app ownership for consumer interest and intent or geo-location for shopping patterns, advertiser can create cross-channel campaigns much more efficiently.



Skydeo’s MobileDMP Offers:

1. Data Ingest: Skydeo’s SDK for iOS and Android enables marketers to quickly ingest large user data sets appended with key marketing information for later segmentation. Skydeo can also integrate via server-to-server (S2S), Amazon Web Services S3 or APIs.
2. Data Segmentation: Once we’ve started collecting mobile data, our data marketing platform enables you to create custom segments on the fly to create the perfect audience for your needs. Many app publishers with their ad sales and operations teams use Skydeo to offer their advertisers a unique way to target on their platform. One common use case is to exclude users of the advertisers apps so the campaign only reaches new prospects.
3. User Insights & Analytics: Skydeo’s mobileDMP lets you perform in-depth, user cohort analysis to better understand your best customers. By comparing the behavior, interests and intent of paying customers vs. free users, smart marketers can refine their advertising to target high performance users.
4. Activation: Actionable mobile data is the key to successful mobile marketing campaigns. Skydeo’s mobileDMP is directly integrated with the top platforms and has partnered with LiveRamp to enable distribution to any DSP/Exchange in their system.

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