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Advertising During The Masters: How to Reach Golf Enthusiasts

advertising during the masters thumbnail: A guide to reaching golf enthusiasts

Advertising During The Masters: How to Reach Golf Enthusiasts


The Masters Tournament is one of the most prestigious events in the golf calendar and a staple in the sport's history; watched by millions from all around the world. This year’s tournament drew 10.173 million total viewers, with an average of 419,000 viewers throughout the weekend.

As well as being a fan favorite, The Masters also represents an opportunity for sponsors to target an affluent audience. Companies such as AT&T, IBM and Mercedes Benz have all sponsored the event in past years, contributing to revenue of over $140 million last year alone.

Advertisers looking to take advantage of this event should use audience segmentation to get their message across. Here at Skydeo we have over 30,000 segments which can help hone in on your ideal customer base. Some suggested segments include:


1. Skydeo > Travel > Traveler Types > Golf Enthusiast Travel Intenders: Perfect segment to target those customers who will be traveling to the Masters and other tournaments around the globe.

2. Skydeo > Affluent Audiences > Affluent Consumers by Lifestyle/Interest > Luxury Brand Buyers: Target high net worth individuals who attend this event.

3. Skydeo > Technology > Wearable Technology & Connectivity Users > Highly Likely: Focus on those customers interested in wearable technology.

4. Skydeo > Interest > Golf: Reach 35 million people interested in golf related campaigns.

5. Skydeo > ShoppingGraph> Purchases> Sports Merchandise & Activewear> Recency> 0 to 6 months ago: Target customers actively shopping for your product with ShoppingGraph.


By utilizing these segments you can hone in on your ideal customer base and make sure that your advertising is seen by relevant people.

If you're interested in seeing more segments click the button below. And for more information about targeting affluent audiences check out this blog.

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