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How to Advertise to the Right Shoppers - Skydeo ShoppingGraph

How to Advertise to the Right Shoppers - Skydeo ShoppingGraph

Target your advertising to the shoppers who are actually interested in your product with Skydeo ShoppingGraph.

Most Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies don't have their own customer data in-house because they rely on grocery stores and other retailers to sell their products. This makes it harder for advertisers to target potential customers and leads to a lot of wasted advertising being spent on broad media campaigns instead of being able to target people directly. If you're a CPG brand: get to know your customers like never before with Skydeo ShoppingGraph.

Skydeo ShoppingGraph solves the problem by letting CPG companies target people based on their actual purchase history. Skydeo has more customer data than the CPG companies themselves. This means you can reach out to more shoppers who are actually interested in your product, which drives better conversions and a higher ROI on ad spend.

For example, a suntan lotion company wanted to push their product in Walmart stores, however they didn’t have their consumer data. We combined our Skydeo PlacesGraph data of Walmart shoppers with people who bought suntan lotion across the board. As that company sold out of suntan lotion at those Walmarts within those zip codes, we eliminated that targeting from the campaign. This is called the process of in-flight optimization. As the campaign went along and they sold out a product, they weren't wasting advertising on regions where they didn't have product on the shelf anymore. That campaign worked really well using Skydeo ShoppingGraph.

If you're a CPG company looking to learn a little more about ShoppingGraph, check out a quick walkthrough of how ShoppingGraph works here or visit

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