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The Top 15 DSPs in 2023


In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital advertising, demand side platforms (DSPs) have become essential tools for advertisers seeking efficient programmatic ad buying. With numerous options available, selecting the right DSP can significantly impact the success of your advertising campaigns. In this blog post, we will explore the top 15 DSPs that are leading the industry, enabling advertisers to achieve exceptional results.



The Trade Desk:


The Trade Desk is a market leader that provides advertisers with a comprehensive and intuitive platform. It offers advanced targeting capabilities, real-time bidding, and robust analytics, optimizing ad campaigns for better ROI. The platform is meticulously designed to elevate campaign strategies, allowing advertisers to leverage exclusive insights and advanced control features. By developing smarter campaigns, establishing trustworthy audiences, and creating customized solutions, advertisers can achieve their specific requirements within a unified platform. The Trade Desk empowers teams to align their efforts with precise targets by customizing objectives using APIs. Within the platform, users can strategize, oversee, and analyze campaigns, execute media purchases, and harness the power of first-party data to enhance customer experiences and satisfaction.





StackAdapt is a powerful DSP that excels in native advertising, seamlessly blending ads into relevant content to enhance user engagement and campaign effectiveness. This cutting-edge programmatic platform has garnered recognition among North America's top digital marketers for its state-of-the-art machine learning capabilities and user-friendly experience. With StackAdapt, ad buyers can strategize, execute, and manage data-driven native advertising campaigns across multiple devices. By leveraging exclusive data, extensive inventory, and strong publisher partnerships, StackAdapt empowers marketers to achieve exceptional outcomes and maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns.



Amazon Advertising (Amazon DSP):


Amazon Advertising provides advertisers unique opportunities to target and engage Amazon's vast audience. With seamless integration of retail data, precise ad targeting and conversions are achievable. Amazon DSP offers customizable creative templates effective across diverse audience segments. The platform provides a comprehensive toolkit for data gathering, insights, and superior campaign strategies. Reporting tools are seamlessly integrated into the DSP, eliminating additional costs. The dedicated team ensures brand safety with manual website reviews and real-time bid evaluations.



Google Marketing Platform (including DV360):


The Google Marketing Platform includes the powerful programmatic tool, Display & Video 360 (DV360), which integrates with Google's extensive network and data resources. DV360 offers improved collaboration, visibility, and control, as well as valuable insights. Teams can seamlessly collaborate within the platform, exchanging performance data to enhance strategy development and campaign execution. DV360 ensures transparency in budget allocation, ad placement, and strategy effectiveness. It also enables automated bidding and optimization for greater operational efficiency, while providing advanced insights and customized recommendations to achieve optimal results.





Yahoo! offers a robust DSP with extensive reach and targeting options. Advertisers can deliver personalized ad experiences and maximize performance across Yahoo's properties and partner sites. Yahoo! Advertising's comprehensive DSP combines proprietary inventory, customizable insights, and leading identity graph technology. It provides transparency, premium capabilities, and unique insights in a cookieless environment. With measurement tools, access to premium content, and compatibility across advertising formats, Yahoo! Advertising's DSP empowers advertisers to effectively reach their target audience and drive campaign success.





Xandr is a leading programmatic advertising platform with advanced audience targeting capabilities. Advertisers benefit from powerful insights and automation tools for effective ad campaigns across channels. Publishers working with Xandr gain access to Prebid header bidding, video monetization, advanced yield analytics, and comprehensive auditing tools. They can maximize revenue through open exchanges and private marketplaces, with server-side auctions for a seamless user experience. Xandr's forecasting capabilities enable highly effective campaign planning and execution, while advanced analytics provide valuable insights for optimized performance. Partnering with Xandr drives revenue growth and campaign success for publishers.





Criteo specializes in performance marketing solutions, with a focus on retargeting and personalized ad experiences. They drive conversions and revenue, helping advertisers achieve their objectives. Criteo Retail Media places brand-sponsored ads within retailer e-commerce sites and apps, creating additional revenue opportunities. Retailers maintain control over the shopper experience with user-friendly campaign management tools. Criteo's technology enables consent-based, personalized advertising without relying on third-party cookies. They facilitate collaboration between retailers and brands, resulting in a relevant shopping experience and increased sales. Criteo's transparent platform allows retailers to scale their retail media businesses and enables brands to streamline purchasing across multiple retailers with standardized workflows and metrics.





Adform's all-in-one platform combines DSP, DMP, and ad serving capabilities, streamlining advertising operations. It serves a global client base of 25,000, providing top-notch software that automates digital advertising for buyers and sellers. With its integrated advertising platform, Adform enables advanced marketing capabilities and seamless campaign management. Their comprehensive solutions include an ad server, DSP, DMP, Adform FLOW, SSP, and an integrated platform tailored for publishers. Adform equips businesses with the tools they need to achieve optimal advertising results.



Adobe Advertising Cloud:


Adobe Advertising Cloud offers a comprehensive platform with DSP capabilities, advanced data insights, and creative optimization tools. Integration with Adobe's marketing solutions enables seamless campaign management. Adobe Advertising Cloud is a cross-channel platform which offers customers the ability to: (1) plan, buy, manage, measure, analyze, and optimize: display, video, native, mobile, audio, Search, and Connected TV advertising campaigns, and (2) leverage dynamic ad templates to deliver relevant ad content to end users





Eskimi is a powerful DSP that offers a range of capabilities to enhance advertising campaigns. With Eskimi, advertisers can access premium inventory, utilize advanced targeting options, and leverage real-time bidding for optimal campaign performance. The platform provides detailed analytics and reporting, allowing advertisers to gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions. Eskimi's user-friendly interface and intuitive campaign management tools streamline the process, ensuring efficient execution and optimization of campaigns. With Eskimi, advertisers can reach their target audience effectively and achieve exceptional results in their digital advertising efforts. specializes in localized programmatic advertising, enabling advertisers to target specific areas for enhanced relevancy. As a leading advertising automation platform, serves over 1,500 agencies, brands, and media organizations, executing an impressive volume of campaigns for 30,000+ advertisers. Notably backed by private equity firms Blackstone and GTCR.





illumin utilizes AI and machine learning to optimize ad campaigns in real-time, helping advertisers achieve their goals. As a leading technology company specializing in journey advertising, illumin's advanced platform empowers marketers with tools for effective targeting and engagement. With an integrated ecosystem of trusted partners, illumin ensures privacy protection, brand safety, and fraud prevention. Headquartered in Toronto, illumin serves a global clientele with cutting-edge solutions. Visit to learn more.



Nexxen (Amobee):


Nexxen (Amobee) is a comprehensive programmatic advertising platform that combines DSP capabilities with cross-channel campaign management. With data-driven targeting and advanced analytics, advertisers can optimize ad performance. Nexxen adapts to today's content consumption habits, seamlessly connecting with audiences across screens. It enables brands, agencies, and media companies to unite audiences and optimize results across TV, connected TV, and digital media. This holistic approach drives customer growth and benefits your business.





Magnite holds a prominent position in the digital advertising ecosystem, granting advertisers access to premium inventory and advanced programmatic capabilities. With enhanced targeting, transparency, and control, Magnite empowers advertisers to achieve impactful results.



Adelphic (Viant):


Viant, the parent brand, offers the DSP Adelphic, providing advertisers with innovative programmatic advertising solutions. Adelphic allows advertisers to reach their target audience effectively, driving campaign success.



In the dynamic landscape of digital advertising, choosing the right demand side platform (DSP) can significantly impact the success of your advertising campaigns. The top 15 DSPs discussed in this blog post offer a range of capabilities and features to empower advertisers in optimizing their ad campaigns and achieving exceptional results.

However, to truly unlock the full potential of DSPs and take your advertising strategies to new heights, partnering with a reliable and innovative data-driven solution provider is key. At Skydeo, we specialize in providing cutting-edge audience insights and data-driven solutions that seamlessly integrate with DSPs.

With our robust platform, advertisers gain access to comprehensive audience segmentation, precise targeting capabilities, and actionable insights derived from our extensive mobile data resources. By partnering with Skydeo, you can leverage the power of data to reach the right audience, at the right time, with the right message, ultimately driving superior campaign performance.

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