People-Based Advertising Articles

Identity Graph: Horizon Media & TransUnion to Build IDGraph

Identity Graph: TransUnion & Horizion Media partner to create IDGraph for people-based marketing. Skydeo IDGraph includes over 1.4 billion MAIDs to HEM Pairs

People-Based Marketing – Goodway Group

People-Based Marketing Overview by Goodway Group demonstrates the need for marketers to move beyond cookie-based targeting and find new customers deterministically.

People-Based Measurement Study

Our partners at LiveRamp released a new study on People-Based Measurement and the impact it would have on marketing. Key insights from the study include the following: Identity Resolution is Key to Accurate Measurement: 94 percent of marketing professionals report...

People-Based Advertising Rises

Marketers Focus on People-Based Marketing People-Based Advertising or marketing is rising quickly as ad tech firms focus on the end target of their ads vs. the devics themselves. According to Signal:  "Digital advertising is at a crossroads, and marketers who embrace...

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