Data Monetization Drives Growth

Data Monetization Drives Growth

A new survey by McKinsey & Co. shows that many companies are launching data monetization businesses, most of them within the last two years.  Most notably, data monetization correlates to industry-leading performance.


Data monetization is becoming a differentiator

Across industries, most respondents agree that the primary objective of their data-and-analytics activities is to generate new revenue. We asked about data monetization as one such way to create revenue, and the results suggest that these efforts are fairly new. Of the 41 percent of respondents whose companies have begun to monetize data, a majority say they began doing so just in the past two years.

Look outside for innovation.

Once companies’ data-and-analytics foundations are in place, they may still find that the most innovative solutions can best be sourced externally, by partnering with others in
the data ecosystem.

Skydeo helps data providers monetize their mobile data through the Skydeo Audience Maker (SAM) and direct relationships with top brands and agencies.  Benefits for app publishers include:

  • New Revenue at 100% Profit without interfering with In App Purchases or existing Advertising/Video revenue
  • Privacy Compliant – 100% User Opt-In only
  • Aggregated and Anonymous
  • Not Competitive – other marketers cannot target your users
  • Skydeo handles all the technology, sales and marketing to make your data monetization efforts successful.
Learn How to Monetize Data


Salesforce Data Studio – Krux Link

Salesforce Data Studio – Krux Link

A recent AdExchanger article announced Salesforce Data Studio, a new data sharing platform that evolved from Krux Link.  The goal is to give advertisers more validated data while protecting publishers from data leakage during the exchange.  How Salesforce plans to protect mobile advertising IDs was not disclosed.

And, since the data sharing platform isn’t priced on an impression-based CPM model, the company claims there’s less incentive to push volume at the expense of quality.

“We do not sell media or monetize data, so we don’t have incentives to push any media platform with data attached to it or the value of our own data,” said Jonathan Suarez-Davis, chief strategy officer for the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. “We’re providing a platform for the publisher and marketer to share their data in a trusted, secure environment.”  Data markets have become a big thing in recent years. BlueKai – now Oracle DMP – had a big data mart where marketers could buy practically any data set, though it didn’t have a reputation for being highly curated. 

Skydeo enables advertisers to license data on subscription basis or CPM based model.  Skydeo’s data monetization enables app developers and publishers a secure, anonymous way to monetize user data based on the Skydeo AppGraph and Location Audiences.   Skydeo is not a data marketplace and does not sell media.  For more information about the Skydeo Audience Maker (SAM) contact us.