Ad Targeting Articles

TikTok Custom Audiences – How to Build Email & CRM Based Audiences in TikTok

TikTok Custom Audiences are powerful way to reach the highly engaged TikTok users your brand needs to grow.  TikTok Custom audiences are similar to Facebook Custom Audiences in several ways but it currently lacks the ability to upload email lists in order to build a...

People-Based Marketing – Goodway Group

People-Based Marketing Overview by Goodway Group demonstrates the need for marketers to move beyond cookie-based targeting and find new customers deterministically.

Bring Your Own Data – Twitter joins Facebook in removing 3rd Party Data from platform

According to a report by WSJ, "Twitter plans to remove 3rd party data sources from its ad-buying system, becoming the latest tech company to put more distance between itself and third-party consumer data providers.  The company currently offers data from outside firms...

Uber Driver vs. Lyft Driver Market Share by Skydeo

Uber Driver vs Lyft Driver market share analysis by Skydeo Insights. 65% of Lyft Drivers also drive Uber but only 3% of Uber Drivers drive Lyft.