Niches Segments

Epsilon Young-At-Heart

Epsilon Young-At-Heart. Older households that are more than likely to have a retired military veteran in the home. They are interested in grandchildren, bible & devotional reading, contests & sweepstakes, collectibles, music, & more. Avg HHI: $39,817, Avg Age of HH Head: 68, Avg Length of Residence: 21 years, Percent with Kids: 18%

Epsilon Kiddie Kastles

Epsilon Kiddie Kastles. White collar families – with adults in their late 40’s & children present. Most are educated & employed in professional, technical, or management fields. They like outdoor activities, investing, & DIY. Avg HHI: $49,668, Avg Age of HH Head: 47, Avg Length of Residence: 14 years, Percent with Kids: 83%

Epsilon Just Sailing Along

Epsilon Just Sailing Along. Adults in their mid-thirties, without kids yet, that spend less than the US average. When they do spend, they buy female apparel, recreational & outdoor equipment, arts & crafts, magazines, sports equipment, spas, & kitchen decor. Avg HHI: $77,774, Avg Age of HH Head: 35, Avg Length of Residence: 5 years, Percent with Kids: 5%

Epsilon Already Affluent

Epsilon Already Affluent. Extremely upscale households, with respect to their earnings, their tastes, & their propensity to spend. They enjoy the pleasures of high society, & their interests include shopping online, travel, sports, gourmet food, & pets. Avg HHI: $161,091, Avg age of HH Head: 35, Avg Length of Residence: 8 years, Percent with kids 21%

Epsilon Kiddie Kastles

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